Congratulations on your engagement! Now the real fun begins-planning your wedding and settling in on all the little details. The dresses. The flowers. The cake. The food. The wedding photographer. The list goes on and on. While you may not have it all figured out right now, everything’s going to come together perfectly. And you can be certain of that when you choose Specialist Wedding Photography to photograph your engagement and wedding.

What sets Specialist Wedding Photography apart from the other Wedding Photographers or Engagement Photographers out there?

Our meticulous post-processing. We spend a tremendous amount of time reviewing, retouching, color correcting, and highlighting the beautiful details of each and every photograph.

Two professional photographers. We give you the skill, experience and talent of two primary photographers-one male, one female. While our styles differ, they completely compliment the other. This adds an interesting, unique and creative perspective to your wedding photography, and ultimately results in better quality photos and a more holistic approach to your wedding photographs and ultimately, your album.

You always get Lara. Many studios have figureheads that book your contract then farm out your event to a photographer you’ve never met, let alone confirm the quality of their work. When you meet with us, you meet your photographers. Along with their unique styles, perspectives, and personalities.

We are boutique-like and we do all the work ourselves. The consultations. The photography. The back-ups. The post-processing. The galleries. The albums. We love, love, love what we do, and we want to be sure our influence comes across in all parts, from start to finish.